Britney Spears: Yup We’ve All Seen the Girls!

Britney, I love you to pieces, I really do.  As always, I urge you to get yourself a stylist and today, well today I beg you to go bra shopping.  BEG!  We have all seen more of your unbridled girls than any of us ever wanted to.  What are the benefits of wearing a bra in public you ask?  Well, to start it helps with the overall look.  No one needs to see visible nip outlines.  It also hold them up where they belong.  You are 28 and have had 2 kids.  The girls look pretty good I must say (I know because  I have seen them in their braless glory too many times), but I promise that a WELL FITTING bra will give you that little extra lift you need!

Love your girls! Get them a bra!

If you know full well that you will be photographed for the world to see – don’t let the girls roam free!


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