I Heart Kate: You Go Girl!

OK people.  Kate Gosselin is doing what a sister has to do to feed her 8 kids but all she gets is flack.   After her ex husband took away her other job at TLC (nice one Jon) a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  Yet the flack is all about what a bad mother she is for leaving her kids to do DWTS.  Shes a bitch and DWTS diva.  Ridiculous!  I know she seemed like a bit of a beotch on her reality show with her husband, but frankly, who can blame her?  I loved her on that show.  I thought she was amazing!  If I had 8 young kids, I would be more than a bit of a controlling beotch, I would be  a freakin monster!  Give a sister some credit already!

And she has given Dancing with the Stars its biggest ratings ever.  Hey, I never watch this show, but I am rooting for Kate – a single mom with an embarrassment of an ex-husband.  Therefore, this season – I’m watching and firmly on Team Kate.  I say You Go Girl!


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