My American Idol Crush: I Heart Casey James!

I never thought that I would be watching American Idol this season, let alone getting a serious crush on one of the contestants, Casey James.  But I am all over that boy like a fat cop on a doughnut!  He is bloody adorable!  I  feel like a bit of a cougar lusting after this young boy, but whatever, its worth it.  His song choices have left something to be desired for the most part but the guitar, the voice and that good looking boy.  I think that boys with guitars who can sing are in some kind of morality free zone.  I bet that after this he gets laid – a lot!  I know I would gladly get in line even though he chose to sing ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis last week.  Really, you have the choice of Billboard’s hits and that is what you choose?  It was a bit of a cheesy song but he still sounded and looked great.  check it out:

Vote for Casey James America so you can feed my new celebrity crush!  He is the sole reason that I am watching Idol this season.


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