Dancing With the Stars: It Just Ain’t Fair

I have to admit that the celebrity content on DWTS is unbelievable this season!  This is the first season that I have ever bothered to really follow it.  However, I gotta say – the competition just ain’t fair.  Two words: Nicole Scherzinger.  She is nothing short of a brilliant dancer and I have my money on her to win.  But in terms of a competition, well it just ain’t fair people!  She is a performer who learns and performs choreography on a regular basis in  her role as a Pussycat Doll.  No kidding she is kicking everyone’s ass!  Judge Len actually managed to find fault with the performance by some miracle.  I think Judge Len is attempting to create some kind of fake competition that just doesn’t exist.  There is no competition folks.  Just check Nicole’s routine tonight:

How the hell is anyone else going to compete with that?  Evan, figure skater boy, is putting up a decent fight I guess but he also has the unfair advantage of dealing regularly with choreography.

We all know that I have been rooting for Kate.  I really wanted to see her succeed in the face of a ll the haters, but the reality is that she is bombing.  Badly.  I think she may be worse than when Jerry Springer strapped on his dancing shoes for DWTS.  Its bad.  Really, really bad.  Nothing short of painful to watch.  I’m sorry Kate!

My point is why are professionals like Nicole being out in competition with non-pros like Kate, Pam, Shannon, Niecy, etc?  It just ain’t fair and it ain’t a competition.


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