Candie’s Hearts Britney.

Oh I bet that Candies hearts Britney Spears.  The ultimate celebrity is pimping out their line.  Its just too bad that they didn’t bother to do much with the power that is Britney Spears.  Really – Britney, Bikini and Teddy Bear?  The woman is 28 years old now people.  Not 17.  The days of sweet little virgin Britney the vixen are long over.  She has been a bit of a queen in terms of her crap ass style these days and the Candies campaign starring Miss. Britney have only enhanced that image.  I don’t care how many famous photographers they brought in to shoot her.  It is butt ass tacky and has to be targeting girls under the age of 20.  The whole campaign seems tacky and juvenile to say the least.  A star of Britney’s caliber could do better.  Should do better. They didn’t work this celebrity to the limit to say the least.  This ad campaign is horrid!  I really hate it.  The sheer level of pink hurts my eyes.  You have a beautiful star and these are the artistic choice that you make? WTF?

Get out your sunglasses and take a look at what they did to Britney:

Hates it!

Better than most - I'm not into 'Short Hair Britney Barbie"

Pink Hay. Need I Say More?

More Tacky Pink Hay a la Britney


Life in Plastic, its Fantastic!

Can anyone say TACKY?

I need sunglasses!!!! Pink Overload! It Burns, It BUUURRNNSSSS!!!

The Photoshop Girl and her Photoshop added horse

The best shot of the whole campaign


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