I Don’t Heart Kate Gosselin Dancing.

Kate, I wish you were a better dancer for your sake and for ours.  I wanted you to succeed at this, I really did.  But sister – You CANNOT dance.  Just Cannot.  Its the worst and most painful thing that I have ever seen.  I beg you – the public to put her and us out of our misery by not voting for her.  She has children that have to live with this humiliation.  I know she is doing this to make a living for them, but there has to a better, less painful way.  HAS TO BE.  She could take up being one of those phone sex girls or something.  Anything but this.  ANYTHING.

This week, sadly, was kind of an improvement over the last.  Which really isn’t saying much.  The judges gave her points for having the guts to come out on the stage for a third week in a row and humiliate herself.  She kind of managed to follow the steps this week.  And I mean steps, because they were literally steps and not dancing.  And what the hell was up with that wardrobe, hair and make-up?  Seriously.  She has a better body than that corset thing revealed.  She just looked weird.  She kind of looked like a barrel in a skirt.  Alright – she looked like a drag queen.  I’ll just say it.  A low end drag queen at best.  It is just so sad.  They brought in an acting coach this week to try to help Kate “get in touch with her emotions”.  Yeah..cause thats the problem rather than the fact that she has to be the most unnatural dancer on the face of the planet.  Wow.  All I can say is wow.

Check it out:


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