Attention Jon Gosselin: YOU SUCK!

Jon Gosselin is going for sole custody of his eight children, effectively taking away the shared custody he currently has with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.  This is so wrong on so many levels, that I am going to have to make a freakin’ list!

1.  Lets recap here people, this is the man who at 30 decided that he had never had the chance to bust loose since he had a wife and 8 kids by the time he was 27.  Therefore it was alright for him to run around with various women and flaunt it all over the media while his wife stayed home with their 8 children and was publicly humiliated.  Now, you feel ready for parenthood again and think you deserve full custody?  What happens when you have your next “I never got to grow up” selfish meltdown?? Does anyone recall that shameless pool party in Vegas???  There is a fine role model folks.

2.  This is the man who cost his family their livelihood on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8.  After 6 seasons he suddenly decided that the show exploited his children.  With nobody earning a pay check, Kate got on with things and joined up with DWTS.  The woman can’t dance to save her life, but there she is bringing home the bacon.  Further, DWTS is not a permanent gig.  Yes, I am sure that she is away from her children more than she would like to be but it isn’t going to be forever.  And really, at the rate she is ‘dancing’ (and I use this term loosely), I don’t think it could possibly be more than a few more weeks.

3.  This is nothing short of opportunistic.  Mommy Kate gets a pay check and Jon is looking to cash in since he isn’t bringing home any cash and there is no way in Hell that he is going to make the cover of Playgirl.  Word is he wants to ‘reevaluate support’.  Who is exploiting the kids now JON??

4.  Keeping children away from their Mother is clearly wrong.  And you can say anything you want about Kate, but she is clearly a good and loving mother who is dedicated to her children.  I suspect that she was also dedicated to her husband and marriage unlike Jon.

5.  If Jon had full custody of those eight kids all Hell would break loose.  Kate might seem like a bit of a general at times, but I don’t think that there is much choice in the matter given that we are talking about raising eight young children.  Jon couldn’t manage his way out a paper bag let alone be a single Dad to his family.

6.  While Kate is running around trying to find a way to support her family, Jon has decided to bleed them all dry by returning to court so that they can both pay more lawyers fees.  Nicely done Jon.

For all of these reasons I say: Jon Gosselin – YOU SUCK!   Have another cigarette.


One response

  1. lonestar

    You are right! All of a sudden he wants custody? Did he want custody when he was partying all over the world? Did he want custody when he had his posh pad in New York? Did he ever have his kids stay there?

    Kate’s not perfect and definitely seems harsh, but look at the reality people and the stress she is under. She catches hell no matter what she does, yet she puts aside the hurt and ridicule that gets heaped upon her for the sake of earning the money to feed and provide for her kids. She sucks it up and does what she has to for her family. John just SUCKS. Hes not the big somebody he thought he was, now he wants to come crawling back into the picture? He needs to haul his fat ass back to the bimbos he’s been running with.

    April 12, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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