I Don’t Heart Idol Judges Saving Big Mike.

Alright, so Michael Lynche, or Big Mike seems like a really sweet, nice and likable guy.  He has a great deal of talent.  That is undeniable…but did he deserve to be saved by the one-time power of the judges?  Should he have been the one that got that pass when there are 9 contestants remaining and anything can happen.  Can anyone say Jennifer Hudson???  Now that would be a save-worthy example.  Big Mike has talent and a good voice but I would argue that he doesn’t have star quality – or American Idol quality.  There are plenty of talented people out there who can sing, but they don’t all make it to stardom.  Frankly, I find Big Mike’s voice a bit generic.  We have all heard it before.  He isn’t original or contemporary.  I am amazed that at this stage of the competition, the judges took it upon themselves to use their save on Michael Lynche.  Did someone slip Simon something???  If Crystal goes the Jennifer Hudson route with no one to save her – I will be extra pissed!


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