Casey James: Hotness in the Bottom Two

In spite of a great week for the very sexy Casey James, he wound up in the bottom two on American Idol this week.  Finally Casey figured out that he needed to offer up a little something more for the judges and he did it with Shania Twain’s “Don’t”.  It was indeed an excellent performance and as usual, he looked fantastic!  So why was Casey in the bottom two?  Why didn’t he manage to bounce back?  These are the very questions that I am asking myself.  It might just be too late for Casey to redeem himself after a myriad of mediocre performances.  However how he is being overshadowed by Big Mike and High School student Arron Kelly is beyond me.  And I’m sorry but Lee’s performance this week I personally thought was nothing short of brutal.  I think Lee has done some really good stuff, but not this week.  His performance of “Still the One” was just not good.  But the judges loved it.  I call a set up going on here.  I think the plan on Idol is to have Crystal and Lee in the top 2.  It can be the only explanation as to why the praised the hell out of that performance and were not critical enough of Crystal’s dissapointing arrangement of “No One Needs to Know”.

I think one of the other problem’s that Casey might be encountering is the ‘cheese’ factor.  He is a hottie for sure and I think that Idol is turning that into a bit of a cheese fest.  The way they light him and stick him among the throngs of girls is just cheesy and Ryan Seacrest doesn’t help that factor either.  God that guy is bloody annoying sometimes!

None the less, Casey looked fantastic and the cougars were loving it.  Lets hope that we can keep the Cougar dream alive and keep Casey going on American Idol.  I think I big rebound by him could save this rather boring season.

Check out Casey this week and scroll down to see Lee & Crystal’s performances:




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