Shock and Awe: Britney Spears Looks Good (for Britney Spears)!

My God I think that pigs are flying and that hell has indeed frozen over!  Britney Spears stepped out yesterday looking good!  Well looking good for Britney Spears anyway.  She ditched some of her more heinous footwear for a chic pair of boots and even wore a bra!  She matches and her hair is done.  What the hell could possibly be going on?!  However being true to herself, she had to throw down some tacky action with a lace neck piece thing.  Hey, it just wouldn’t be Britney without it.  Regardless, compared to her usual fashion choices, this is a huge step up.  I heart Britney looking good!


Casey James: Hotness in the Bottom Two

In spite of a great week for the very sexy Casey James, he wound up in the bottom two on American Idol this week.  Finally Casey figured out that he needed to offer up a little something more for the judges and he did it with Shania Twain’s “Don’t”.  It was indeed an excellent performance and as usual, he looked fantastic!  So why was Casey in the bottom two?  Why didn’t he manage to bounce back?  These are the very questions that I am asking myself.  It might just be too late for Casey to redeem himself after a myriad of mediocre performances.  However how he is being overshadowed by Big Mike and High School student Arron Kelly is beyond me.  And I’m sorry but Lee’s performance this week I personally thought was nothing short of brutal.  I think Lee has done some really good stuff, but not this week.  His performance of “Still the One” was just not good.  But the judges loved it.  I call a set up going on here.  I think the plan on Idol is to have Crystal and Lee in the top 2.  It can be the only explanation as to why the praised the hell out of that performance and were not critical enough of Crystal’s dissapointing arrangement of “No One Needs to Know”.

I think one of the other problem’s that Casey might be encountering is the ‘cheese’ factor.  He is a hottie for sure and I think that Idol is turning that into a bit of a cheese fest.  The way they light him and stick him among the throngs of girls is just cheesy and Ryan Seacrest doesn’t help that factor either.  God that guy is bloody annoying sometimes!

None the less, Casey looked fantastic and the cougars were loving it.  Lets hope that we can keep the Cougar dream alive and keep Casey going on American Idol.  I think I big rebound by him could save this rather boring season.

Check out Casey this week and scroll down to see Lee & Crystal’s performances:



Casey James: Damn Fine Pre-Idol

In my shameless obsession with the extremely sexy Casey James, I have come across a video of his earlier days.  It turns out that he got laid a lot before Idol too.

I Heart Casey James: He Can’t Choose Songs, But He’s Still Damn Hot

So I am beginning to wonder about Casey a little.  I still heart him for being damn hot but what is up with those song choices?  This week, Idol inspiration week, Casey chose Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”.  The best part of it (other than the fact that Casey looked hot) was the guitar playing.  He is an amazing guitar player (which makes him even hotter).  But the judges keep telling him that they want to see something different from him and plain refuses to give it to them.  Refuses.  He did a good job as always this week, though in my opinion it really wasn’t his best week, but other than him and the guitar, it was boring.  He did nothing to switch up the song and it was kind of like watching a bar singer.  A very, very hot bar singer, but a bar singer none the less.  He can be the bluesy rock guy and still bring something special.  He just doesn’t.

It is quite obvious that I love this guy, but I would really like to see more from him too.  If he doesn’t figure it out soon, we won’t be seeing Casey on the American Idol stage too much longer.  It pains me to say this, but I think that my dear Casey might be one of those know the one ladies, really cute but…not that bright.  Why can’t he pick a freakin song that will show some diversity?  Why can’t he seem to understand what the judges are saying to him?  What is the problem?  He either doesn’t get it or he doesn’t care.  It can be the only explanation.

Frankly the only contestants to wow on Idol this week were Lee and Crystal.  Crystal in particular shows such creativity in her performances.  Casey – you need to take a page out of her book!

Check out this weeks Casey performance (he does look good!):

ANTM Cycle 14: America’s Next Top Jumpsuit?

If I get my way on this season of ANTM, the remaining contestants will all show up to panel in jumpsuits.   Maybe Nigel and Leon can sport ’em too, promoting the under-represented male jumpsuit.  Is Tyra just to lazy to find matching separates or is someone paying her big bucks to promote the retro jumpsuit?   There has to be a reason.  There just has to be!  Other than the fact that she is getting a bunch of press by wearing jumpsuit after jumpsuit leading the world to ask the question: WHY????  And the fashion people out there are calling it a trend.  Really?  Is anyone out there just dying for a jumpsuit collection of their very own?  I shake my head in utter confusion.  Wow.  Just wow.  If this abomination is really a trend, I urge my readers to buck it.  URGE!   Don’t get sucked into the jumpsuit!  Just don’t do it!

Alright enough about those ever so distracting jump suits.  Its time for my own little critique of this weeks ‘Cover Girl’ shoot (Cause once again, its my blog):

1.  Best Photo at No Shame Baby:  Krista

This is one beautiful woman and she took a stunning beauty shot.  If I thought for one second that Cover Girl could make me look like this, I would buy it.  Her skin is just so stunning.  This is the best photo of the week in my opinion.  It looks like a real ‘Cover Girl’ ad.  They should book her immediately.  The judges and the jumpsuit gave her No. 2.

2.  Runner-up:  Angelea

She won best photo on the show, and I can see why.  This girl talks like a trucker and often resembles a serious drag queen, but she can take a picture and this one is really great.  How this trucker can look so sophisticated in pictures I’ll never know.  Perhaps the judges were as shocked as I am by this miracle and handed her the win.

3. Anslee:

Portraying and Artist, Anslee did a good job this week.  I like the sort of knowing smirk and really, the picson this episode were not so great for several of the girls making this one stand out.  The judges and the jumpsuit also approved.

4.  Jessica

Portraying a club girl, Jessica produced a shot that was perhaps a little lower in quality compared to past shoots, but I don’t think that it was as bad as the judges and jumpsuit claimed.  They hated it.  They though she looked a bit stunned. I think this one fits the Cover Girl bill.

5.  Raina:

The judges and jumpsuit loved this photo other than they think that Raina has lost her neck (the neck has replaced smizing this season apparently).  I don’t like this photo at all.  I don’t like the way Raina was styled – she is beautiful and this shot doesn’t show it.  And if anyone looks a little stunned on this shoot, its Raina.

6.  Alexandra:

Portraying an ‘Upper East Sider’, the judges really liked this shot.  I think they went out back and smoked crack before viewing this shot.  It is terrible!  What is up with that strange sort of smirk on her face.  Not Good.  Not even a little bit good.  The judges chose this nasty shot over Jessica’s.  Seriously, I think those jumpsuits are affecting Tyra’s brain.  Lest we forget that it is Tyra and her jumpsuits that choose the girls ‘Best Shots’.  Crack and jumpsuits obviously don’t mix!

7.  Alashia:

Though she has performed well in front of the camera in the past, Alashia’s photo was just plain boring this episode.  The judges and jumpsuit hated it too.  To offset this boring shot Alashia brought on her crazy full force.  Can anyone say ‘Anger Management’?  She is a whack job!  Judge Andre said he wouldn’t invite her to his house with this shot.  For fear of her loosing it and screaming like a banshee, I wouldn’t invite her at all!

8.  Brenda:

And lastly there is poor Brenda who finally got eliminated this week with this terrible shot.  I’m not sure that it is at all her fault.  The judges said it looked contrived.  Which it does but I don’t think that is Brenda’s fault.  I think it is the bad styling.  And the fact that Brenda never stood a chance with that crap ass make over they gave her.  I don’t blame her for bitching about it.

Bye, bye Brenda.  Hello next weeks jumpsuit!

I Heart Real Women: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson & Kim Kardashian

We might be experiencing a new celebrity trend folks: Celebrities Au Natural.  Shock and awe!  No retouching from their photoshop friends and no makeup.  In a little over a week we have seen Jessica Simpson do the cover of Marie Claire without a lick of makeup:

Shortly there after we saw Ms. Britney Spears release her pre-photo shopped shots from her Candies adds to show what real women actually look like (and her ‘real’ bod would make any woman happy!)

And of course there is the most recent celeb to take it all off with no retouching: Kim Kardashian.  Theses are all exceptionally beautiful women.  But none the less it is nice to know that they have flaws.  While we have all known that celebrity photos are retouched, it is something to see these women in their natural glory.  One begins to wonder if she is the only woman with cellulite on the back of her thighs….and it turns out Britney has it too!  While I don’t revel in other women’s physical flaws, I do somehow take comfort in it.  It is time that real women get to see real celebrity women.  No kidding women have such a flawed body image with all the fake body perfection we are bombarded with every day.  Will it become a thing of the past with this very cool trend?  I say ladies, I heart your flaws!  I heart real women!

I Still Heart Casey James: Cougar Bait Returns….

He was back once again tonight stunning the ladies –  cubbie and cougar alike!  He looked freakin’ sexy and hot as always.  This week Casey sang “Lawdy Miss. Clawdy” for Elvis week on idol. Nobody on Idol needs to prove that Casey is one hot piece o’ man.  However they did try to capitalize on our cougar bait pick of the season by sticking him on that little round stage with the set up of screaming girls and Ryan Seacrest (who can really be bloody annoying.  Sometimes I wish Simon would actually hit him).  It was a cheese fest.  A tidal wave of cheese.  He’s hot.  Trust me, we know.  There is no reason to turn it into a ridiculous cheese-o-rama.  Just let that beautiful boy do his thing without the theatrics of “he’s hot’.  He is hot – plain and simple!

As for Casey’s performance, it was great, as always.  But the truth is that he is….well….it wasn’t super innovative.  I loved it personally and not just because Casey has been fueling me through my dirty thirties these days.  I love his blues sound.  In many ways, I think that beyond his drop dead gorgeous look, the singing style of Casey James is a matter of taste.  He clearly seems to me to be a natural blues performer and I love that style of music.  But for American Idol, he might just not have enough variation to make it through.  And I do believe that he is one of the most talented performers on the show, but maybe not American Idol material.  Look at Adam Lambert.  He switched it up week after week making us wonder what he was going to do next.  Take a look at Crystal Bowersox.  She seems to stay true to her genre, yet switch it up just enough to keep us intrigued about what she will bring us from week to week.  She is genius at switching up her musical arrangements.

I feel the same way about Casey.  What will he bring to us each week?  He is always good, but he is leaving me wanting something more (and I am not just talking about the dirty stuff here people!).  It feels like he could indeed do more and that this week was indeed a “wasted opportunity”.  Of course he chose the very bluesy Elvis tune.  Of course.  And it was great.  But there is more in there if this very sexy man can just figure it out!  And I hope he does because I for one would like to see a lot more of him.

Check out Casey’s performance this week: