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Christina Aguilera, Terrorism & the Anthem

Christina Aguilera apparently “flubbed” during her performance of the National Anthem at the Superbowl.  Some people were both shocked and offended by her error in the lyrics.  And they should be.  The reality is that Christina Aguilera is a terrorist.  Her so-called “flub” actually revealed her political and ideological leanings.  It was far more than just an error:  It was downright unpatriotic and anti-American – it was terrorism.  And it all took place on the holy day of Superbowl Sunday.  I am willing to bet 10-1 that she knows exactly where Bin Laden is hiding and has her own personal cave in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Yes, my fellow Americans, she used our very own anthem against us, lowering our morale and the morale of our troops.

So if you were offended by Christina’s version of our anthem – you should be.  She is the reason that we have to take our shoes off at airport security, can’t carry liquids in our carry on baggage and are forced to live at the mercy of our government while they take advantage of our worst fears.  Some say error.  I say terrorism.

I also say that this is all a crock of BS and if you were offended by Christina’s errors in her performance, you need to get out a little more.   The only offensive part of her performance was that hideous drag-queen make-up that she insists upon wearing paired with brutally over-processed hair.  On second thought, that just might be terrorism… Up the alert level!


In Honor of Christina: Cause She’s Back!

I freakin’ love Christina!  Love, love love.  Nobody wash happier than I as to hear that there is a new album in the works and a new single coming out on April 1.  Until that is I heard this little snippet of “Not Myself Tonight”:

I know that it is a little early to tell but I am hoping that once we all hear the whole song it will give us the voice and creativity that Christina has always delivered.  She is an ever changing creature that has brought us a lot of great music.  She has gone from teen queen to dirty girl to retro lady.  It looks like this time she will be giving us something a little more futuristic.  I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet.

Can she keep it up?  The woman has delivered some iconic performances such as this premiere for ‘Back to Basics’:

I loved this one.  The girl has some serious performance energy and that voice.  That voice!  I hope we get to hear it on the next album.  I loved the ‘Back to Basics’ concept even if it did mean a whole lot of Christina in garishly red lipstick and more makeup than any girl could ever need.  Maybe we’ll lose that with the new album.  Here’s hoping!