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Off the Wall: Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Trial

The Judge in Michael Jackson’s doctor’s trial has come out saying that he is “comfortable” allowing tv cameras in the court room during the trial.  Translation:  Superior Court Judge Pastor is “comfortable” with the ridiculous, media circus that will surround this trial, the way it always surrounded Michael Jackson when he was alive.  It sounds like someone has a little  Judge Ito envy……


Christina Aguilera, Terrorism & the Anthem

Christina Aguilera apparently “flubbed” during her performance of the National Anthem at the Superbowl.  Some people were both shocked and offended by her error in the lyrics.  And they should be.  The reality is that Christina Aguilera is a terrorist.  Her so-called “flub” actually revealed her political and ideological leanings.  It was far more than just an error:  It was downright unpatriotic and anti-American – it was terrorism.  And it all took place on the holy day of Superbowl Sunday.  I am willing to bet 10-1 that she knows exactly where Bin Laden is hiding and has her own personal cave in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Yes, my fellow Americans, she used our very own anthem against us, lowering our morale and the morale of our troops.

So if you were offended by Christina’s version of our anthem – you should be.  She is the reason that we have to take our shoes off at airport security, can’t carry liquids in our carry on baggage and are forced to live at the mercy of our government while they take advantage of our worst fears.  Some say error.  I say terrorism.

I also say that this is all a crock of BS and if you were offended by Christina’s errors in her performance, you need to get out a little more.   The only offensive part of her performance was that hideous drag-queen make-up that she insists upon wearing paired with brutally over-processed hair.  On second thought, that just might be terrorism… Up the alert level!

I Still Heart Casey James: Cougar Bait Returns….

He was back once again tonight stunning the ladies –  cubbie and cougar alike!  He looked freakin’ sexy and hot as always.  This week Casey sang “Lawdy Miss. Clawdy” for Elvis week on idol. Nobody on Idol needs to prove that Casey is one hot piece o’ man.  However they did try to capitalize on our cougar bait pick of the season by sticking him on that little round stage with the set up of screaming girls and Ryan Seacrest (who can really be bloody annoying.  Sometimes I wish Simon would actually hit him).  It was a cheese fest.  A tidal wave of cheese.  He’s hot.  Trust me, we know.  There is no reason to turn it into a ridiculous cheese-o-rama.  Just let that beautiful boy do his thing without the theatrics of “he’s hot’.  He is hot – plain and simple!

As for Casey’s performance, it was great, as always.  But the truth is that he is….well….it wasn’t super innovative.  I loved it personally and not just because Casey has been fueling me through my dirty thirties these days.  I love his blues sound.  In many ways, I think that beyond his drop dead gorgeous look, the singing style of Casey James is a matter of taste.  He clearly seems to me to be a natural blues performer and I love that style of music.  But for American Idol, he might just not have enough variation to make it through.  And I do believe that he is one of the most talented performers on the show, but maybe not American Idol material.  Look at Adam Lambert.  He switched it up week after week making us wonder what he was going to do next.  Take a look at Crystal Bowersox.  She seems to stay true to her genre, yet switch it up just enough to keep us intrigued about what she will bring us from week to week.  She is genius at switching up her musical arrangements.

I feel the same way about Casey.  What will he bring to us each week?  He is always good, but he is leaving me wanting something more (and I am not just talking about the dirty stuff here people!).  It feels like he could indeed do more and that this week was indeed a “wasted opportunity”.  Of course he chose the very bluesy Elvis tune.  Of course.  And it was great.  But there is more in there if this very sexy man can just figure it out!  And I hope he does because I for one would like to see a lot more of him.

Check out Casey’s performance this week:

I Heart Jessica Simpson au Natural!

Jessica Simpson rocks!  She is a naturally beautiful girl, that is true, but I am sure any one of us would have inhibitions about taking off our makeup and baring all for a major magazine cover like Marie Claire.  But she did it and as a woman she makes me plain proud!  It is my personal opinion that women should not wear make-up before the age of 30.  One has that natural glow of youth in their teens and 20’s.  You have a whole lot of years to wear make-up, so enjoy your youthful glow while you can. Jessica looks amazing and I love the statement that she is making and the message that she is sending to young women.  I think the incident with the ‘Mom Jeans’ has transformed her.  You go Jess!  I heart you au Natural!

Thats Hot: Casey James!

Another great week for Casey.  He looked better than ever – and he looked some good before!  It seems that the folks at Idol are spicing things up with Casey realizing that he is the bait that Cougars around the globe have been licking their chops for.    As soon as he is let loose from the American Idol confines, he is going to need security for all the cougars waiting to pounce on this sweet piece O prey.  MMMmmmHHmmmm.

And the singing.  GREAT!  I love this guys voice and guitar abilities.  Casey had one of the best performances of the night with Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’.  Check him out:

Casey James is One Sexy Mother F**ker!

So he rocked it again this week  with ‘Hold On, I’m Coming’ and looked sexy as hell doing it!  The man has a smile on him melting cougar hearts everywhere.  This one included…sigh…  The reality is that I don’t know that Sexy Casey will win Idol, but he should be a star in his own right whether he claims the title or not.   His blues genre just might not make the Idol prototype.  Imagine if he won and was forced to sing one of those cheesy Idol songs that they force down the throats of the new winner. Thinking about that, I am not sure that I want him to win.  I feel like he should do his own thing and rock the guitar as much as he can.  I can think of a few other things I would love to have this boy rock!

Check out his performance: